Guest Hosts

Shazam! Tyler Hayes is a demi-professional author currently living in Mountain View, California with his girlfriend, a stuffed triceratops, good whiskey, and better books. Mr. Hayes was not part of the Gentleman’s Challenge, but his Master’s degree in Literature makes him feel lopsided, so he’s seeking to even it out with a journey through the seamy, adverb-filled underbelly of bad fiction.  He can be found online at, home to his blog and a smattering of fictions, and in print at Beast Within 2: Predator and Prey (2011, Graveside Tales) and Space Tramps (2011, Flying Pen Press). He is in no way affiliated with Aleister Crowley, Slender Man, the Theosophical Society, or the moon landing.

Tyler’s Quote of the Cast: “Dildo ex Machina”

Dan Morgan is a long time musician and entertainer, and veteran of countless vaguely-paying stage performances. A San Francisco Bay resident, he entered into voiceover work during the dot com crash and has lent his voice talents to everything from phone recordings and bank instructional videos to live performances of comic books. And lucky for us he seems to work for beer.

Dan’s Quote of the Cast: “Nuke them until they glow and then shoot them in the dark.”

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