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Matt Marovich is a semi-professional author living in the Bay Area with his wife, son, and two dogs. Like ancient duelists of by-gone eras, when he was challenged by his co-host Tyler to read all of the Twilight Saga in one month honor dictated that he accept, leading to a month of horrible fiction and, eventually, this podcast. His other reviews and writing on writing can be found at the Two Pens writing blog.


Tyler King is a semi-professional consumer of alcohol currently living in Los Angeles with his fiancee and two cats. Having issued the initial Gentleman’s Challenge to Matt, he felt obligated to continue the endeavor indefinitely, out of a gin-fueled sense of duty. He is a regular host of  Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast, and is currently pursuing a career in education. So if anyone asks, you say “What podcast?” Got it?

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