Monthly Archives: November 2012

Episode 12 – The Year in Review

The shitty year, in shitty, shitty review.

We discuss the terrible books we’ve read this year, as well as what we plan on drinking reading next year.


Listen to our last “bad” podcast of the year!

Episode 11 – Live from Convolution 2012!

Last weekend, Matt and I were lucky enough to be guests at Convolution 2012, as Convention for and by people much more talented than us, Kendra Pecan, Dan Morgan, and Ed Pizzini.


In order to not look like schlubs, we asked a trio of guest hosts to join us for an evening of booze and bad writing.


We tackled “Renaissance Faire” edited by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe, this month.  Follow the link to see just how bad it was.


Episode 11 – Live from Convolution 2012!