Monthly Archives: October 2012

This Friday come see Tyler, Matt, and guests in person!

The wonderful folks over at Convolution, as stated here, are going to be putting Tyler and I up to do a live podcast recording on location at the con. Joining us will be our guests Ed, Dan, Kendra, and, as a special guest, author and editor Jennifer Brozek! Come listen to us talk about Renaissance Faire, an anthology about, well, ok if you can’t figure it out then you’re beyond hope. Considering that almost everyone on the panel has worked a ren faire or two the stories should be especially bad.

And, you know what else is awesome?

A member of the con staff and a loyal listener, one Stephen Nelson of the JackalCast, IS BUYING US BOOZE.

Come to Convolution for the snark, stay for the awesome con.

Episode 10 – The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Yes, your loyal podcasters return once again to the scum and suckery that spawned them, SMEYER! Listen as Tyler and Matt try to wrap their head around the concept of an author attempting to make the reader empathize with a race of, essentially, genocidal aliens. No, really, one of them is the protagonist.

Episode 10 – The Host by Stephanie Meyer