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Episode 9 – The Lost King by Margaret Weis

So Matt asked for suggestions of bad science fiction, probably to punish me for something I did. Whatever, I probably deserved it. Anyway, we read The Lost King, but someone dropped the ball, this book isn’t science fiction. It’s science fantasy. Way to go, listeners.

Episode 9 – The Lost King by Margaret Weis

F-it, we’ll do it live!

So, we’ve hinted, badly, that in November Tyler and I were going to do something cool.


Come watch Tyler and I, along with Dan Morgan (the guy who did the epic reading for Ghost), Edward Pizzini (a fellow performer of Dan’s at Mad Sal’s Tavern), and maybe one more (if she says yes…) do a live recording of the pod cast! The book will be “Renaissance Fair”, edited by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe, a collection of stories about, you guessed it Ren Faires. Come listen to the hilarity as we try to read these stories in BFA (Bad Faire Accents) and talk about whether or not the authors of these stories actually ever attended a ren faire.

Convolution is going to be a great con with some fantastic guests. Come take your chance to see your hosts do their thing in person and get a great con started right.


There exists a book out there titled Ass Goblins of Auschwitz. It has been recommended to us to read.

We’re taking a pass. First of all, bizarro fiction is intentionally shocking, weird, and, arguably, “bad” by most people’s judgment.

That is, oddly, the point of bizarro fiction.

Using the genre’s standards to judge the book, why go after something that was meant to be written that way? We think it’s much, much more entertaining to read something that was not meant to be intentionally weird, off, or bad.

So, in short, no more bizarro fiction on the basis alone that it is weird.

Not shopped and I wish it was…

So this is real:


This is what I saw last night as I was standing in the grocery store check-out line.

I didn’t have the heart to open it up.

So, iTunes!

Ok, I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on how iTunes works in relation to our RSS feed. Additionally, I think I finally got the two of them playing nice. As long as Podbean doesn’t decide to randomly change the podcast URLs (again) we should be ok now and in the future.

Episode 8.5 – With guest host – Joe!

Here it is. Now, with any luck, we’re done with 50 Shades of Grey. Gray. Ghrey. Whatever.


Episode 8.5 – 50SoG conversation with Listener Joe!