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Episode 6.5 – More Voice Mail and Some Recommendations for Books What Don’t Suck

We’re still working on that glitchy add-on so we’re still over at Podbean. All of our episodes are now up there and we’ll be pointing iTunes there shortly so you can start to get stuff through your iTunes subscriptions.

Here’s Episode 6.5!

Episode 6 just Ghost[ed] on by

With a borked add-on we haven’t been able to upload the podcast here but that doesn’t mean it can’t be found online. The podcast is currently available at Podbean here. In this podcast we reviewed Ghost, Paladin of Shadows, the first book in a series by John Ringo. We added a special touch through our friend Dan Morgan, who joins the podcast doing our first epic, dramatic reading. He even went out and found some appropriately patriotic sounding music* to set it to. While we’ve thanked him for his contribution, we would also like to “thank” Kirin, also known as @KoboldStyle on the Twitter, for purchasing the books for us. While we revile your name for introducing this filth into our lives, we thank you for liking the podcast enough to contribute to it in such a fashion.

In short, what did Ty and I think of this book? Well, Tyler lit his copy on fire (he will post video eventually) and I’m considering performing a ritual to sacrifice my copy to the pantheon of literary gods, possibly by wood chipper. I hated it more than Gone with the Wind.

After you’re done listening to the podcast you really should check out this gem of a review by LiveJournal user Hradzka who coined the phrase “OH JOHN RINGO NO!” I agree with 99% of their review. Sadly, so does John Ringo.

*Music used under creative commons license
Attribution: “MusicComposerAZD”

Test test?

Oh my god, we’re back!

Many thanks to the officially unofficial sys admin Adam for getting us back online. I won’t detail the struggles he went through but he apparently succeeded. We’ll be updating the site with new posts and put up missing podcasts over the next week or so.

We get mail!

Our first piece of fan mail!

“Dear Sadomasochist

I would like to thank you for doingyour podcast. You have shown me that I can fulfill me dream ofbecoming a published author. If the trash you have been reading canget published, then I have a renewed confidence in my own writing.

I have gone threw life with a leaning disability in written expression, and spelling and grammar has alwaysbeen a challenge for me. I have had to work hard for what mediocreskill I have with the written word.

With my new found confidence inwriting, I will set out to write a story I have had bouncing aroundin my head. I will start with the prologue, a short story that setthe main characters back story. I do have a small request of you. When I have completed the prologue, would you read and review what Ihave written?

Thanks again, and keep up the selftorment



If you have any objections to themonicker I have chosen for you, consider this. You read books thatactively cause you mental suffering, and are therefore masochistic. Then, you subject your co-host to reading the same book, there foryou are sadist. In addition, you subject your listeners to more ofyour sadism by broadcasting about this dribble. However, we yourfans are no better, because we are all masochist for willinglylistening to your show.”


Episode 5.5 – Post Kobold Wizard’s Dildo Clean-up, or The First Second Podcast of the Month!

Here it is, our first podcast created mainly by you, the listeners!

We took questions and comments from the blog, the facebook group, e-mails, and carrier pigeon to give you guys a much needed bridge between our regular monthly podcasts.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is a link to listener Leslie’s published work:

Help keep these half-casts going by submitting your feedback, questions, comments and vague threats to and questions, comments, and justified adoration to

You can also leave us a voicemail at 831-687-9242

Cleaning up after the Kobold Wizard’s Dildo of Enlightenment +2